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Solar parks Jocksdorf & Preschen

Neiße Malxetal, Germany


Old military airbase becomes an energy terminal

KGAL and Phoenix Solar have been implementing solar projects together for many years now: now seventeen in total with this project. 20 years of guaranteed feed-in remuneration and reliable technology provided by Phoenix Solar form the basis for stable cash flows which can be reliably forecast.


With a nominal output of more than 8 MWp, the photovoltaic plant situated in the boundary area of Jocksdorf is the smaller half of a solar park which puts a military conversion site to new commercial use. As the EPC contractor, Phoenix Solar had its construction work cut out for it, including removing munitions and coping with an archaeological find – a special first for the experienced power plant construction team.


Separated from Jocksdorf by three kilometres of runway, its other half, the 10 MWp power plant at the bounds of Preschen, has been generating solar electricity since December 2010. Keeping to the deadline, despite winter flooding with the whole construction site underwater, with precision drilling to anchor the frames in the runway concrete enabled the plant to go online early. What is more, Phoenix Solar’s PV array combiner box for large-scale power plants was used for the first time in Preschen. Along with functional advantages and irrespective of the inverter type, this combiner saves on costs.

Technical data
  Jocksdorf Preschen
Rated system power 8.034 MWp 10.044 MWp
Annual energy yield approx. 7,714.8 MWh approx. 9,651.4 MWh
Equivalent to the power
consumption of
1,928.7 families**
2,412.9 families**
Feed-in tariff/kWh EUR 0.2843 EUR 0.2843
Feed-in tariff p.a. approx.
EUR 2,193,316
EUR 2,743,893
CO2-savings p.a. approx.
4,436.01 tons*
4,436.01 tons*
No./type of modules 55,360 units First Solar FS275
& 50,092 units FS277
129,600 units
First Solar FS-277
Inverter Xantrex GT500 E Xantrex GT500 E wired
with modules by Phoenix Solar
PV array combiner box
Construction type Ground-mounted system  Ground-mounted system
Tilt angle 25°  25°
Frame technology Habdank  CWF
Orientation South  South

* Source: The evolution of carbon dioxide emissions within the German power mixture 1990-2008: 0.575 tons CO² saved per MWh (Umweltbundesamt FG I 2.5., Status March 2010)
** Source: Average power consumption of a family: 4,000 kWh (Verivox, Status 2010)

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