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Solar park Miegersbach


Politicians and investors working together

Phoenix Solar AG (formerly Phönix SonnenStrom AG) was contracted by KG Allgemeine Leasing GmbH & Co. (KGAL) to build a photovoltaic power plant only a few kilometres away from the company headquarters, in the Bavarian community of Miegersbach, with an order volume of over 21 million euros. With a peak output of 5.3 MW, this power plant is still among the world‘s largest plants today, and serves as a showpiece for Phoenix Solar AG.

The project was implemented in record time, thanks to support from the community and from the Dachau District Office, both of which gave the solar power plant their backing from the very beginning. The financing was provided by means of a KGAL closed-end fund. The fund initiator was ALCAS GmbH, a 100-percent subsidiary of KGAL. Dr. Klaus Wolf, Managing Director of KGAL, is highly satisfied with the investment in this environmentally friendly technology of the future.

KGAL has already built additional solar power plants with Phoenix Solar. Representatives of the German Farmers‘ Association have also recognised the opportunities offered by renewable energy. As energy harvesters and solar power system operators, farmers profit from the potential earnings which the EEG (German Renewable Energy Sources Act) offers with the remuneration rates for solar power. Politicians also support this large-scale project, which contributes to the development and promotion of renewable energy sources in Germany.

Technical Data
Rated system power 5,300 kWp
Annual energy yield approx. 5,214,000 kWh
Feed-in tariff/kWh EUR 0.434
Feed-in tariff p.a. approx. EUR 2,264,000
Co2 savings per year approx. 4,860,000 kg*
No./type of modules 11,616 modules / PW 1650/1750, 20,412 modules / PHX-162
Inverter 5 x SMA SC 1000 MV
Construction type Ground-mounted system
Tilt angle 30°
Frame technology Phoenix ground-mounted frame, 1 row
Orientation South

* Source: German CO2 offset calculation (0.932 tonnes of CO2 avoided per MWh) based on data from BMU AGEE (Arbeitsgruppe Statistik Erneuerbare Energie) 2006.

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