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On track and on schedule for success

Even though SWU Stadtwerke Ulm/Neu-Ulm GmbH and Phoenix Solar AG have been long-standing partners, the decision to jointly build a power plant on the roof of EvoBus
GmbH rested solely on the product quality and the competence of Phoenix Solar. The tender for this Ulm civic participation project did indeed pose some unique challenges.

The first of these challenges was to ensure that the construction of the power plant did not interrupt operations, which was why Phoenix Solar delivered and distributed the necessary materials for the roof from the west side only. On a roof surface area which was 160 meters wide this was some logistics job!

The second challenge was the roof construction itself: The cladding was made of trapezoidal metal sheeting so the screws had to be removed and suitable connectors fixed. After all, Tecto-Sun, a TÜV-certified on-roof assembly system by Phoenix Solar had to fulfil the highest security standards.

Surmounting the greatest challenge entailed not only clever planning and experience but also special commitment. With a construction period from the end of October 2008 through to the start of March 2009, the timeframe was extremely tight and slap in the middle of winter. Despite snow and ice, however, the power plant was ready on time and taken into operation by the deadline and, since then, generates power from the heavens for the citizens of Ulm.

Technical Data
Rated system power 2.3 MWp
Annual energy yield ca. 2,195 MWh
Feed-in tariff/kWh 0.4399 EUR (2008)
Feed-in tariff p.a. approx. 965,862 EUR
Co2 savings per year 1,263 tons*
No./type of modules 7,200 Phoenix Solar PHX-160, 6,624 SunTech STP-175
Inverter 4 x SMA SC 500 HE
Construction type Vertical rails laid directly on trapezoidal sheet metal roof
Tilt angle 13°
Frame technology Tecto-Sun Plus
Orientation South

* Source: The evolution of carbon dioxide emissions within the German power mixture 1990-2008: 0.575 tons CO² saved per MWh (Umweltbundesamt FG I 2.5., Status March 2010)

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