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Carport Berlin-Spandau


From parking lot to solar park

Cars need somewhere to park. But using such a valuable surface area on the property of Police Headquarters 2 in Spandau just for cars was simply not enough for Berliner Immobilienmanagement GmbH in the long term. The company therefore decided to
commission the City of Berlin, Bumiller Neue Energien GmbH and MW Solar Consulting GmbH to develop a concept for a viable, additional use of the parking lot. The result is Germany’s currently largest photovoltaic plant on a carport.

A partner with the requisite knowhow gathered over a period of more than a decade in building plants of this dimension was selected to carry out the ambitious large-scale project: Phoenix Solar AG. After all, the task involved installing around 3,700 modules
in only eight weeks and connecting Berlin‘s most powerful solar power plant to date to the grid. The whole installation process was carried out with the aid of aerial access platforms,
allowing the car park to be used at least some of the time.
Thanks to the experience and the logistics competence of Phoenix Solar AG, all challenges were overcome despite the long, severe winter. Even the discovery of buried munitions did not stop the plant from going online by the due date! Since the end of December 2009, some 200 families in Berlin have been supplied with clean electricity and the investors with
their secure returns. And cars now park beneath the power plant, which keeps them dry and protected from the weather.

Technical Data
Rated system power 0.998 MWp
Annual energy yield approx. 805.95 MWh
Equivalent to the power consumption of approx. 200 families**
Feed-in tariff/kWh EUR 0.399
Feed-in tariff p.a. approx. EUR 321,572.45
CO2 -savings p.a. approx. 463.4 tons*
Modules 7 x 528 Suntech STP270-24/Vd*
Inverter 7 x 6 SMC 7000TL, 7 x 9 SMC 10000TL
CO2 -savings p.a. approx. 463.4 tons*
Construction type Roof-mounted system
Tilt angle Row 1: 15°, row 2–8: 18°
Frame technology Schletter Park@Sol Carportsystem
Orientation South

* Source: The evolution of carbon dioxide emissions within the German power mixture 1990-2008: 0.575 tons CO2 saved per MWh (Umweltbundesamt FG I 2.5., Status March 2010)
** Source: Average power consumption of a family: 4,000 kWh (Verivox, Status 2010)

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