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Brewery Rapp


Brewery is now quenching the thirst for energy

As a family-owned business with a tradition of more than 100 years, Brauerei Rapp KG, a brewery, thinks and acts with the future in mind, also as regards climate protection. Along
with „green logistics“, the company has opted for a photovoltaic plant to reduce its carbon emissions even further.
CIC ENERGY commissioned Phoenix Solar as the EPC contractor and after a construction phase of only six weeks the 1 MWp large-scale rooftop plant was successfully connected to the grid.

There was the occasional threat to the tight schedule from the extreme weather conditions with a great deal of snow and ice. Thanks to the closely coordinated cooperation between
Phoenix Solar and Brauerei Rapp, however, which involved clearing snow, authorising deliveries at night  and weekend shifts for instance, construction work was completed on
time. Challenges in construction were also mastered: As there was to be no penetration to the roof cladding, the modules were installed on an aerodynamic mounting system.
In addition, this large-scale rooftop project used PowerOne central inverters for the first time. None of construction work, not even the building and connecting up of the inverter room inside the building, caused any hindrance to or interruption of the beverage

Since December 2010, the Rapp brewery produces and delivers not only beverages but also green electricity which covers the annual consumption of more than 250 households.
The mid-sized company has therefore sent a clear signal for the expansion of renewable energies in the region of Augsburg/Germany.


Technical Data
Rated system power 1 MWp
Annual energy yield approx. 1,014 MWh
Equivalent to the power consumption of approx. 254 families**
Feed-in tariff/kWh EUR 0.30
Feed-in tariff p.a. approx. EUR 304,200
CO2 -savings p.a. approx. 583 tons*
Modules 4,956 units Suntech STP270-24/Vd*
Inverter 2 units Power One PVI-CENTRAL-110
2 units Power One PVI-CENTRAL-165
2 units Power One PVI-CENTRAL-220
Construction type Roof-mounted system
Tilt angle 20°
Frame technology HB-Solar aerodynamic system
Orientation South

* Source: The evolution of carbon dioxide emissions within the German power mixture 1990-2008: 0.575 tons CO2 saved per MWh (Umweltbundesamt FG I 2.5., Status March 2010)
** Source: Average power consumption of a family: 4,000 kWh (Verivox, Status 2010)


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