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Successful project realisation on open areas and roofs

We will find the right solution for every photovoltaic application area, whether pitched roof, flat roof, carport or open area.
In addition to constructing large-scale plants, Phoenix Solar has also built up many years of expertise in the management and maintenance of photovoltaic plants. Here you will find an insight into some of our completed photovoltaic projects.

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    Solar park Haimhausen I & II

    System name  Haimhausen I / Haimhausen II
    Operator Kommunalunternehmen Haimhausen / Amper Solar
    Energy company E.ON Bayern AG
    Location Haimhausen, Germany
    Commissioning date July 2006 / July 2010
    Completion time 11 weeks / 9 weeks
    Rated system power 1.120 MWp / 2.552 MWp
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    Solar park Röhm

    Operator Sonnenpark Röhm Oberschwaben GmbH & Co. KG
    Location Mietingen-Baltringen, Germany
    Commissioning date December 2006
    Completion time 23 days
    Rated system power 1,056 kWp
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    Solar park Königsbrück

    Operator Renerco AG
    Location Königsbrück, Germany
    Commissioning date December 2007
    Rated system power 4,440 kWp


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    Solar park Rickelshausen I-III

    Operator Solarcomplex GmbH / GLS Energie AG
    Energy company Thüga AG E-Werk Singen
    Location Rickelshausen, Germany
    Commissioning date Dec. 2006 / June 2007 / Dec. 2008
    Completion time 5 weeks / 10 weeks / 24 weeks
    Rated system power 0.524 MWp / 1.074 MWp / 0.548 MWp


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    Solar park Ramsklinge

    Operator Röhm Sonnenpark Ramsklinge GmbH & Co. KG
    Location Ramsklinge, Germany
    Commissioning date October 2008
    Rated system power 855 kWp



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