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Sustainability determines the way we think

We are aware of our societal responsibility for climate protection.

Our perception and understanding of ourselves

Harnessing the power of the sun to generate electricity is active protection of the environment and a valuable contribution to achieving a sustainable supply of energy. Phoenix Solar not only offers products which protect the environment but also places emphasis on sustainability in management. Taking responsibility for our employees, the environment and society is part of our corporate culture. With this in mind, we combine entrepreneurial success with our responsibility towards society and our ecological commitment. "Phoenix Solar - Making Energy Together" is our leitmotif and a cornerstone of the way we perceive ourselves.

Our employees, the protection of the climate and the environment, along with our dedication to social issues and society, are at the heart of our sustainability strategy.

Here you can download our sustainability report and learn more about our engagement for the enviroment, for the society and for our employees.


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